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Patch Tarot ~ Wall Tapestry

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    Is there a Tarot Card that really speaks to you? One that you would like to make larger in your life?

    If so, then stop filling your environment with art that means nothing!

    Say goodbye to walls covered in boring paintings and photos, and say hello to a new style that can dramatically change your awareness of the world. Bring new inspiration to your environment and consciousness, by expanding and deepening your space with sacred symbolism and vibrant colours. 

    Maybe there's a specific tarot energy you'd like to embody more or expand into your home space. Maybe you have an alter or reverence center that you keep a tarot card on and could use a larger than life inspiration of it to set the vibe or intention. These cards speak to all of us, so design your space as you see fit, and explore the Major Arcana in a bigger way.

    Increase your connection with sacred symbolism by providing large mystic imagery to stimulate your mind and emotions. Open your spiritual senses, and stimulate your creative side with large, vibrant imagery and symbolism that awakens your deeper understanding of spiritual subjects.

    All of this and more is possible with these new Patch Tarot tapestries, available now! 


    *Please note that all of our Wall Tapestries are printed-per-order. We work with a printing company who prints and ships externally from our location. Your purchase may take a little extra time than other items to complete and be shipped. Thank you for understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience with timing on your purchase.

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    Each tapestry is wildly colourful and made of a soft knit fabric, printed with superior quality allowing it to retain vibrancy for years. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These 30” x 53” tapestries come with reinforced loops on the corners for easy hanging, and are very portable for easy transportation. 

    This product is made to order, and ships in approximately 2-3 weeks.

    Why wait any longer to bring this fresh new energy into your life? Are you really willing to continue living in an environment without an energetic vortex of expansive and divine energy radiating through it?