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The Book of Spirit ~ Print Edition

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Formerly “U n I, The Spirit Science Book”, The Book of Spirit begins by asking the question, what is Awareness?

From this question sparked an exploration of thought and consciousness, and in this contemplation, as thought melded with feeling and ignited sparks of inspiration, a journey through time, space, and soul began.

The advent of our modern age has brought forth a number of stunning revelations, and every day humanity is waking up to a deeper truth about who we are, where we came from, and what life is truly all about.

With all of these discoveries, it is only a matter of time before we have enough pieces to connect the dots, build the master puzzle, and see the bigger picture of it all.

We are Creators in the image of the Creator.

We are all the Children of God.

~ ~ ~

A Breakdown of the Book

Part 1 - Fire. This section explores the nature of consciousness and a stream of thought and exploration about how consciousness works, and how we can merge and harmonized our dualistic perspective, and look at life from a space of Unity consciousness.

Part 2 - Water. This section is a discussion of our ancient history, the creation of humanity, and the story that is written down in the ancient Sumerian tablets. This section also contains the script for the new Spirit Science human history movie.

Part 3 - Air. This section dives into the creation of Christianity and the relationship it had to the Ancient Greek and Jewish schools of thought, and what happened when the teachings of Christ were hijacked by a specific group of people, and used it to enslave the masses.

Part 4 - Earth. The grounded story of present day, our awakening, and a testimonial from the Author of his own personal transformation and coming to know the Spirit of Christ within, and what it means for all of us.

Part 5 - Aether. This is the the instructions for all of us for how each of us can attain to a higher level of consciousness, heal ourselves of our past, and transform into the light beings that we all are.


With tremendous love,
Jordan, and all of us at Spirit Science