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The Book of Patch ~ The Ultimate Guide to Patch Tarot

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The Book of Patch is your ultimate guide to learning and mastering the art of Tarot! This handcrafted Tarot superbook was written in tandem with Patch Tarot, the Spirit Science Tarot Deck, and is a comprehensive guide for any curious soul interested in learning. This 450+ page textbook outlines and describes in detail the methods and patterns of Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, and how they all fit together; with relevant information for both the beginner, and expert alike.

The Book of Patch covers the basics and history of tarot in the first chapter, and then describes the symbolism and archetypal energies of the complete deck in great detail. The second chapter contains all of the card descriptions, and along with these you will find the author’s personal notes as he was researching, designing and illustrating each card along way.

In the third chapter, The Book of Patch also goes deeper into Advanced Qabalah, and the correlations between Tarot and various other esoteric systems, for those who really want to take their understanding to the next level. Chapter four of The Book of Patch includes a number of charts for quick and easy reference between many of the correlations and systems of information, described throughout the earlier chapters of the book.

And finally, the fifth chapter includes many in-progress shots, and early concept artwork that went into the creation of Patch Tarot over the years it has been in production, and what brought it to be where it is today.

The Book of Patch is an incredibly in-depth Tarot handbook, designed to support anyone in learning Tarot, and to go from the essential beginnings to humble mastery. Enjoy!