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The Ascension Collection
The Ascension Collection

The Ascension Collection

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This collection of transformational tools is the ultimate kit for those wanting to amplify their spiritual practice.

This collection provides you with the essentials from the Spiritverse Toolkit: Patch Tarot Cards, The Book of Patch, the Divination Cloth, and more. 

It's quite literally everything you need to create a Library of Transformational Material in your very own home!

Here's what's included:

 - Patch Tarot Deck
 - The Divination Cloth
 - Tapestry of The Aeon

 - The Book of Patch (Paperback)
 - The Book of Spirit (Paperback)
 - The Emerald Tablets (Paperback)

 - Conspiracy Theory of Everything (Paperback)
- The 2023 Spiritverse Calendar

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