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Gift-giving can be difficult. You don’t always know what someone wants, and sometimes life gets in the way… and you end up frantically shopping last-minute.

So… why not make it easy for everyone? Let your loved one choose their gift!

That’s why these Gift Certificates were made… to empower you to be real with yourself and the person you’re giving to. To feel comfortable saying, “I don’t know, and I love you enough to let you choose.”

You don’t need to apologize or feel bad or anything like that, because you’re giving the gift of freedom!

With Spirit Shop Gift Certificates, you are one step closer to mastering the art of giving.

And… the person you give them to is one step closer to spiritual self-mastery.

When you order a Gift Card, it will arrive in your inbox as a digital code that you can forward to your recipient of choice.

So that you both have a mindful, worry-free shopping experience!

This is last-minute gift-giving made sacred.