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Heart Chakra Spirit Shirt ~ Anahata

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Anahata - The Heart Chakra 

Taking inspiration from the Vishuddha Spirit Shirt, the Anahata takes it a step further by bringing Spirit Shirts into the world of long-sleeves. 

Unlike any Spirit Shirt that came before it, this wearable art is custom to the nines. We've spent an exceptional amount of time crafting this shirt to be exactly fabulous, including adding thumb-holes to the sleeves, a kangaroo-pocket to the front of the shirt, and new designs to add even more magick to it. Our intention is that along with the Vishuddha Spirit Shirt, this will instantly become your favorite article of clothing, period! 

May your new Spirit Shirt guide and protect you energetically from anything that may cross your path, support and uplift you into the light, and a new, expressive reality!  

97% Bamboo
3% Spandex

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