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Spirit Science 2024 Almanac of the New Age
Spirit Science 2024 Almanac of the New Age
Spirit Science 2024 Almanac of the New Age

Spirit Science 2024 Almanac of the New Age

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Enter the new year with a pathway set toward higher consciousness, mystical revelation, and inner wholeness with the 2024 Almanac of the New Age. This book provides a deep and insightful look at the way in which each reader can use their connection with Spirit (the Supreme Creative Power) to attain connection with the underlying unified wholeness beyond the material world.

With this year's Almanac, readers are invited to step into their own ascension and to embody the light of their souls in the highest way. This is not your typical almanac, but a step-by-step adventure through 2024 with personal guidance, journal prompts, astral forecasts, and more - bringing each up to a higher level of understanding towards everything that is taking place in one's life. 

Every single week, readers will find Wisdom Letters that continue to go deeper and deeper into the nature of reality, and how to be a true creator aligned with the Divine Will within. There are places to journal throughout, inviting each to explore the experiences they have to anchor into their intentions for the life that is coming into manifestation. 

For this reason, the 2024 Almanac comes in both Paperback and Coil-Bound Editions; while Paperback is a 'standard book', the Coil-Bound edition is more suitable for those who intend to do a lot of journaling. 

From all of us at Team Spirit, we are confident in this book's ability to be an instrument of tremendous support to you, and will happily offer a full refund if you are not fully satisfied within 30 days of receiving your order.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Order now and let's do this!

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