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Patch Tarot ~ The Book of Patch Bundle (Digital Edition)

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Patch Tarot has been updated! This groundbreaking deck is an amalgamation of the world’s most prominent Tarot imagery and symbolism, taking into account the relationships between all of the elements, astrology, the Tree of Life, and so much more. It also reveals the hidden aspects of the Tree of Life, bringing four new benevolent cards into the mix which we’ve called “Holy Arcana”.

This 82 card deck is designed to be a fusion of the classical Rider Waite and Thoth themed decks, fusing them together and reconciling the paradoxes, bringing about a new generation of Tarot for you; the modern alchemical scholar.

This order includes a 50+ page mini booklet with brief card descriptions and divination instructions for new tarot readers!


This Bundle includes:
-Patch Tarot Deck (82 Printed Cards + 50 pg Mini Booklet)

Plus the Following Digital Downloads:
-The Book of Patch (450+ pg Printable PDF Download)
-The Wisdom Wall (Printable PDF Download)
-Patch Tarot Wallpaper Pack (Six HD Images)