Abundance Orgonite Pyramid

Abundance Orgonite Pyramid

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When abundance fails, think in energy, frequency, and vibration.

Are you looking to bring more abundance into your life? Begin here, with the Abundance Orgonite Pyramid! This 5cm pyramid is designed to attract more wealth and prosperity into your reality, by drawing upon the natural frequencies of citrine and the sacral chakra. 

By bringing this pyramid into your life, you naturally create and nurture a vortex of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Through the intention of gratitude, you find yourself naturally beginning to elevate your own vibration, and become aligned to a higher, more prosperous state of mind. 

For many thousands of years, the shape of the pyramid has been a natural energy generating structure that elevates the frequency of the surrounding environment, and today you can bring this pyramid into your life to begin doing the same for you.