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Planetary Magick Candle Set

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During the Renaissance, magicians and astrologers assigned energies and attributes to the 7 classical planets… 

These energies were the archetypal forces through which things like astrology and magick were thought to work… and if you could harness and understand them, you could help guide them in directions that served your soul’s expression.

In time… since all reality is a mixture of light and sound, the densest expression of these energies becomes grounded as the colour spectrum…

Whether you want to channel the passion of Mars or the sensuality of Venus… 

These candles were made to help you tap into the power of the gods.

Designed with ritual use in mind, this candle set corresponds to the 7 Classical Planets, elevating your meditations and manifestations tenfold...

Empowering you to:

  • Connect with celestial energies in a new way
  • Channel the manifestation power of the gods
  • Hold space for your own healing & the healing of others
  • Start the new year calm, inspired, & focused

  • This collection is your key to becoming a modern magician & manifesting the life of your dreams.


    • Contents: 7 cotton wick candles, one for each Classical planet. Drawstring bag, embroidered with Patchman and Spirit Science energy! 7” x 32” Planetary Poster.
    • Candle Size: 10 inches
    • Burn Time: 9 hours minimum
    • Material: Fully refined paraffin wax (say “goodbye” to grease!)
    • A printed document with a ritual guide for your empowerment
    • A special Spirit Sticker just for you :)