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Himalayan Clay Monkey King
Himalayan Clay Monkey King
Himalayan Clay Monkey King
Himalayan Clay Monkey King

Himalayan Clay Monkey King

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"The Monkey King is a friend and ally on the journey of the Soul! I have two of them and they are constantly seen bringing in good vibes into my home" 

- Jordan River


This sacred ornament embued with the spirit of Hanuman provides peaceful, calming frequencies which supports you in deepening your connection to inner balance and harmony.

As he sits in your space, meditating quietly, he will bring in energetic fullness in spirit, connecting you with generations of mystic teachings from the east. 

The origin of the Monkey King goes back to Ancient China.

It all began with a story called "Journey to the West", which tells of Sun Wukong, a rebellious monkey with godly powers. He declared himself “The Monkey King”, and created havoc in Heaven.

After years of turmoil, it was only the Buddha who was able to subdue the Monkey King, and put an end to his rebellious ways.

He was liberated of his rebellious ways, by the virtues of peace, and love, and Sun Wukong was then transformed into "The Victorious Fighting Buddha" for his service and strength.

Today, while this story is legendary across China, it is known through pop-culture in the story of DragonBall. Goku, his power-pole, and all of these adventures are originally based Journey to the West!

Today, it's time for the Monkey King to travel west... and right into your home.