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Natures Fairy Goddess Lamp
Natures Fairy Goddess Lamp

Natures Fairy Goddess Lamp

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Illuminate your home with this fairy goddess lamp, a symbol and reflection of the wisdom of nature and her fairy children who watch over us from the invisible worlds. 

"Pagan beliefs trace the origins of fairies to the very beginnings of time before human beings walked the earth. Fairies were believed to be as ancient as the sun and soil, and pagans looked upon them as creatures of great wisdom and mystical powers.

In pagan beliefs, fairies were akin to goddesses and worshipped as guardians of the world. The pagans had a strong connection with the elements of earth, and venerated fairies above all, as the protectors and caretakers of nature."


Whether it's for your bedside or a reading spot next to your couch, may this fairy illuminate not just your space, but your heart and mind as well.