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Citrine Mala for Self-Worth and Confidence

Citrine Mala for Self-Worth and Confidence

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Citrine is the primary gemstone of the yellow color ray, which nourishes and supports the organs of elimination. The energy of Citrine is designed to help your body let go of what no longer serves you. It does this by unwinding tension from within the core of your body’s muscles, organs, and cells, thereby increasing its flexibility, which creates an environment of optimal health and energy flow. When the body's energy system is aligned and flows more freely, you able to better experience your highest spiritual potential

Citrine is a Solar Plexus stone, known to amplify a strong sense of confidence self-worth.

For this reason, working with this stone can promote your prosperity and attract abundance. This is why it's sometimes called a "lucky stone.

Supports you in...

  • Staying Flexible in Energy & Body
  • Releasing Unhealthy Influences
  • Revising Your Personal Health & Self-Care Routine

Hold this mala in meditation, and wear it to carry the energy with you throughout your day.