Spirit Shirts ~ Solar Chakra

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Bring radiance into your life with the Solar Spirit Shirt!! Loaded with Sunstone, Citrine, Tigers eye and Quartz - these shirts are designed to uplift your energetic field, support your own spiritual healing, and attract wealth and abundance to you like a powerful magnet!


The concept of Spirit Shirts is very simple: Let's all work together to create something by hand, from the heart, and using only natural ingredients.
Good for the body, mind and Soul!

Spirit Shirts was the result of this concept, the idea of amazing colorful chakra clothing, printed on organic shirts with natural ink, and infused with crushed crystals matching the corresponding chakra. These shirts are all made with tremendous love, just for you!


We have limited stock of these Spirit Shirts, so they are only available while quantities last!

Learn more about the project by clicking here!