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Sacral Chakra Spirit Shirt
Sacral Chakra Spirit Shirt
Sacral Chakra Spirit Shirt
Sacral Chakra Spirit Shirt

Sacral Chakra Spirit Shirt

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When your environment is so critical to health, why not use your clothing to your advantage, and make life easier right now? 

Activate your chakras with the Sacral Spirit Shirt, a shirt designed with your highest spiritual development in mind. Draw upon the radiant light of the sacral chakra to increase your energy, heal your emotional body, and connect with your innermost feelings.

Charge your creative spark, and use it to develop your connection with others to bring peace, healing, and abundance into your life. With this shirt, it will support you to always know the right thing to do, and say, by the natural flow of your intuition. 

And to top it all off, use your deep emotional connection to support others in handling anything that they might be going through in their lives. 

Each shirt was designed by us with the highest intention in mind, and has crushed crystals of the Sacral chakra mixed into the organic ink. This shirt is fully loaded with Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Tigers Eye and Quartz, making it the ultimate spiritual tool for your emotional healing and balance.

The Sacral Shirt is now no longer in production, as we set our sights on the higher chakras. Get yours while supplies last!