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The Book of Patch ~ The Ultimate Guide to Patch Tarot

The Book of Patch ~ The Ultimate Guide to Patch Tarot

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Discover the mysteries of your inner reality...

Where others may prefer to spend their time on social media, you can break free of the limitations of the world with the Book of Patch. Step into a new reality for yourself and become a beacon of knowledge and divine truth for the world. For those seeking clarity of mind, deeper understanding, or more connection to the fabric of reality, continue reading…  

With The Book of Patch, learn to see and know how the matrix works, and step outside of it to become the master of your reality. Allow yourself to embody complete mental clarity and alertness as you dive into the wisdom of the Tarot. Boost your vocabulary of Tarot and the mystic arts, while improving your ability to connect with the cards, and as a results, the people closest to you in your life.

Stimulate your mind with improved focus and concentration as you raise your own mental strength and analytical thinking skills. Develop your memory of all of the card information, and increase your analytical thinking skills at the same time as you build a new neural network of ancient wisdom and spiritual truths.

~ ~ ~

In the pages of The Book of Patch, you will find the ultimate resource of Tarot and esoteric wisdom for beginners and experts alike. This full colour print book is nearly 500 pages long, with high quality images and massive descriptions of every card in Patch Tarot, along with an in-depth explanation of Tarot for those just beginning the journey, and advanced esoteric information for those already on the path.

The book also contains a behind the scenes look at Patch Tarot, along with personal notes for every single card after each description. It also contains a comprehensive list of charts for quick-reference information, to make doing quick readings as simple as ever, with the full descriptions providing elaborate depth and meaning, for when you truly want to go deep. 

You no longer need to waste your time scouring the web to do a Tarot reading, with The Book of Patch, you have everything you need to get started right now.

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