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Patch Tarot ~ Damaged Box Discount

Patch Tarot ~ Damaged Box Discount

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This edition of Patch Tarot is incredibly limited. Sometimes we receive cards back in the mail due to shipping errors, and these boxes have been roughed up a bit. The cards are still in good condition.

These have been discounted by 50%

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Live like an ascended master!

Don’t let envious nay-sayers stop you! With Patch Tarot, you can successfully escape the matrix, the false social constructs, the lies and BS, and most of all, your own personal drama. Whether you’re looking for inner peace, getting to the truth of a situation, relieving stress, or just clarity in life, please continue reading… 

Join the thousands of others who stepped out of the matrix and into a new reality, with the ultimate tool for deep spiritual wisdom. Patch Tarot offers you the ability to answer any question you have in minutes, and get to the truth of any situation, and it’s accuracy is stunning.

Using it, you can validate your intuition, sharpen your instincts, and discover key issues in your life that you may not be aware of. Inner peace and decision making has never been so easy with Patch Tarot, available now.

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Each deck comes fully loaded with bright and vibrant imagery that is not only beautiful to look at, but filled with deep and meaningful insight. Along with the deck you’ll also receive mini-booklet, to answer questions on the fly in a simple and easy fashion. 

The deck is light and portable, easy to take anywhere and share with your friends and family. Through it, you can gain insight on any life event you might be dealing with. 

The cards themselves are printed at an exceptional high quality (1200 DPI), and designed to be easy to read, featuring all of the astral signatures (astrology, numerology, Qabalah associations) around the borders, and horizontally borderless to allow the image to explode with vibrancy in your minds eye. 

What is the cost in your own freedom by waiting to bring this powerful tool into your life? Take action now and transform your life today!

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