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Spirit Science 2022 Almanac of the New Age

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    The ultimate tool to work in harmony with the Earth and Sky in 2022.

    • Understand the energy behind the seasons and cycles of the planet.
    • A practical guide to using Astrology, Tarot and Numerology to increase your self-awareness.
    • Solar, Lunar, and cosmic information for all of 2022
    • Rituals, potion recipes, and esoteric knowledge from Egyptian Papyri, Druidic Tree Lore, British Folklore, and more…

    Collectors Edition features Full-Color Print, Hardcover Case Wrap, and Higher Quality Paper than Standard Edition.

    The Universe Moves through Cycles

    We learn this both from many ancient spiritual texts, as well as by observing nature.

    There are seasons, phases, tides, migrations, and more; all movements return to their points of origin, only to be sent off again on another cycle. 

    There are cycles of conception, birth, growth, fruition, decline, decay, death, and then rebirth in all things living. 

    Nature is silently making these cycles apparent in both vivid and sometimes mysterious ways...  

    When we turn our attention to these cycles with an understanding that we are not separate from our observations, we see profound wisdom being communicated to us… Wisdom that we can use in our personal lives.

    Just as the natural kingdom functions on an innate knowing of its connection to the cycle of seasons, humankind is equipped with an innate knowing that connects us, not just to the same cycles and wisdom of the planet but also to the cosmos. 


    This is the lore from the Witch's Hut...

    Times are changing, but our connection to the Earth and cosmic cycles has never been more critical.

    As we move into 2022 with the spiritually expansive and awakening energies of Jupiter in Pisces, we will be asked again and again how much we have learned to trust ourselves in the past year...

    Right now we are presented with our most significant opportunity yet to utilize our skills and transform our lives by listening to the one thing we are most connected to… the Land itself.


    In this book, you will discover:
    • A comprehensive and understandable education of 2022’s Astrology, Astronomy, and relevant energies
    • A complete guide to Tarot and its connections to certain planets, forces, and Zodiac signs
    • The nature and power of Planetary Magick and how the ancient gods influence our lives
    • A year-long energetic forecast, allowing you to more intentionally create your life in harmony with your environment
    • The energy and tides behind the seasons: when, where, and how certain currents of power are released on the Astral Plane and how they bring about the changes we see in the world before they happen
    • The secret origins of Wicca and Neo Druidry
    • How the Egyptians understood and used the Zodiac to time magickal rites
    • How to communicate with Dryads, Elemental Spirits, and Nature to create your own magickal tools, potions, and elixirs to bring health, power, and prosperity
    • A weekly Sacred Geometry calendar that you can use as visualizations in meditation to tune into a specific week’s energetic current to receive powerful downloads


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