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Spirit Pants - Yin and Yang

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    Ready to end the constriction? 

    Let’s face it. Most pants out there today are fairly constricting. In general, most people wear blue jeans or other tight-fitting pants that constrict your movements to only a few specific actions: Sitting, standing, and walking.

    While Yoga pants do exist, they’re usually only designed for one specific activity - Yoga. The moment you’re done, for most people, it’s back to the normal pants.

    And don’t even get us started on those fake pockets they put on most women’s pants…

    What if you had a pair of pants that liberated you?

    Pants you could wear comfortably & confidently for all kinds of activities, whether you’re running, lounging, dancing, or straight-up playing Twister?!

    This was our goal when we set out to create the Spirit Pants. They embody the freedom and comfort to do almost all activities, from meditation to yoga or even working out.

    These pants provide you with the freedom and flexibility to do what you want, and express your authentic self while doing it! All with a stylish flare that will have others commenting about how cool they are no matter where you go.

    Features include… 

    • Organic Cotton
    • Exceptionally Soft
    • Sacred Geometry & Tree of Life Designs
    • Black Yin energy supporting you in going deep into yourself while meditating
    • White Yang energy to empower & inspire your creative manifestations
    • Hidden back pocket with velcro seal
    • Elastic waistband fitting many different waist sizes
    • Drawstring legs so you can hike them up as needed

    With Spirit Pants, you can express yourself fully without even saying a word.

    Let your Divine Essence speak for you, shine bright like the diamond you are, and stand out from the crowd of uncomfortable jean-wearers.

    Trust us - not only will you look amazing, but you will FEEL amazing too!