The Book of Patch (Digital Edition)

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The Book of Patch is our own hand-crafted Tarot superbook. This 450+ page ebook outlines and describes in detail the methods and patterns of Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, and how they all fit together; with relevant information to both the beginner and expert alike.

The Book of Patch covers the basics and history of tarot in the first chapter, and then goes onto describe the symbolism and archetypal energies of each card in great detail. Along with each card description you will also find Jordan’s personal notes as he was researching, designing and illustrating each card along way, with several in-progress shots, and early concept artwork.

In the third chapter, The Book of Patch also goes deeper into Qabalah, and the correlations between Tarot and various other systems, for those who really want to take their understanding to the next level!

The Book of Patch ~ Digital Edition comes two additional digital downloads:

The first is The Wisdom Wall; a 19 page printable chart-guide for easy reference to a huge amount of esoteric information, right at your fingertips!

The second is a special 4K Wallpaper pack, so that you can bring Patch Tarot with you on all of your electronic devices.